Frequently Asked Employment Questions


What is included in employee housing?

  • Monthly rent, utilities (electric, trash, water/sewer, basic furniture (couch, dining table, twin beds), pots, pans, dish-ware

What is NOT included in employee housing?

  • Cable/internet service, groceries, cleaning supplies, sheets/towels, other personal items



Is there provided transportation to work?

  • Alaska Coach Tours does not guarantee transportation to and from work on a regular basis, however there are many ways to get to work.

Can I bring my bike or drive my own car up to Alaska?

  • Yes! While means of getting transportation items to Alaska is the responsibility of the employee, we do offer a travel bonus to mitigate expenses.



When does season begin and end?

  • While CDL training program begins in January, our first ships arrive to Alaska in May. Final ship arrives in late September.

How many hours a day will I work?

  • Depending on the division and the day of the week, the hours will vary. Each division guarantees a different number of hours, be sure to ask your division manager or interviewer .

Will I get paid overtime?

  • Yes, overtime is applied when working over 40 hours a week, as well as over 8 hours per day.

Are there places to shop for clothing/uniforms upon arrival to Alaska?

  • The shopping in every division is extremely limited. We suggest bringing all necessities for your uniform with you; black dress shoes, pants, and rain gear (if you want more than the jacket that is provided).

What is the weather like in Southeast Alaska?

  • Southeast Alaska is a temperate rainforest, meaning that the annual rainfall is very high and rain in the summer months is very common. The weather is slightly different in each division, so check with your division manager or interviewer on what to expect.

What type of clothes should I pack?

  • A general rule of thumb in Alaska is to always dress in layers. While it can be very rainy, it’s not uncommon to have sunny warm days too. So pack your swimsuit!